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Paul serves on the editorial boards of the following journals:

jss.jpgJournal of Sports Sciences. The JSS has an international reputation for publishing articles of a high standard and is both Medline and Thomson Reuters listed. It publishes research on various aspects of the sports and exercise sciences, including anatomy, biochemistry, biomechanics, performance analysis, physiology, psychology, sports medicine and health, as well as coaching and talent identification, kinanthropometry and other interdisciplinary perspectives. In addition to reports of original research, the Journal also publishes review articles, case studies, letters to the editor, short communications and book reviews.

The emphasis of the Journal is on the human sciences, broadly defined and applied to sport and exercise. Besides experimental work in human responses to exercise, the subjects covered will include human responses to technologies such as the design of sports equipment and playing facilities, research in training, selection, performance prediction or modification, and stress reduction or manifestation. Manuscripts considered for publication include those dealing with original investigations of exercise, validation of technological innovations in sport or comprehensive reviews of topics relevant to the scientific study of sport.

The Journal publishes on behalf of the British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences, in partnership with the World Commission of Science and Sports and in association with the International Society for Advancement of Kinanthropometry. Hence, the readership for this Journal is varied and ranges from academics to practitioners from a range of disciplines and areas of application.


ijssc.jpgInternational Journal of Sports Science and Coaching. The IJSSC is a peer-reviewed, international, academic/professional journal, which aims to bridge the gap between coaching and sports science. The journal integrates theory and practice in sports science, promotes critical reflection of coaching practice, and evaluates commonly accepted beliefs about coaching effectiveness and performance enhancement. The vision of the journal is to support the development of a community in which: (i) sports scientists and coaches respect and learn from each other as they assist athletes to acquire skills by training safely and effectively, thereby enhancing their performance, maximizing their enjoyment of the sporting experience and facilitating character development; and (ii) scientific research is embraced in the quest to uncover, understand and develop the processes involved in sports coaching and elite performance. The journal publishes peer-reviewed, original papers representing a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods. Case studies of work between sports scientists and coaches are especially encouraged. The journal also encourages the submission of papers, including advocacy pieces, which may have been presented in a forum or special interest group at a conference; and philosophical works that address connections between sports science and coaching. The peer review process is open, meaning that both authors and referees know each other's identity. Such a process, with its transparency, is in tune with the mission of the Journal.


Annual Review of Golf Coaching. The mission of this technical and peer-reviewed publication is to bridge the gap between scientific and practical knowledge in golf. The articles in the ARGC are placed into five categories: 'Swing Technique and Biomechanics'; 'Technology & Feedback'; 'Psychology of  Performance and Practice'; 'Golf Development and Coach Education'; and 'Strength and Conditioning'. The best of recent research is brought to the lay reader along with expert contributions from leading figures in the coaching world. This book is required reading for coaches who themselves wish to take advantage of the latest developments, and will appeal to all serious amateurs who want to be aware of what is happening at the cutting edge of their sport.



Journal of Applied Golf Research.The JAGR is an international publication designed to provide timely, practical and peer reviewed research on the teaching and learning of golf skills. Articles from different perspectives and levels of analysis are welcome. Of special interest to the Journal are those articles that attempt to bridge insights from different disciplinary perspectives as well as correlate data that might have been recorded using different “tools” - e.g., fitness screens, SEMG, 3D MoCap, force plates, video. There is also an emphasis on injury prevention and the maintenance/improvement of technique and fitness across the life span. Studies concerning rehabilitation of golf related injuries are also welcome. The targeted audience includes sports scientists, golf professionals, athletic trainers, medical professionals, coaches, and golf enthusiasts.


International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport. The IJPAS is the journal of the International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport, published by the Centre for Performance Analysis 3 times per year (April, August and December). Topics covered in the journal include technique analysis, technical effectiveness, tactical evaluation; work-rate analysis, experience reports, coach behaviour, performance indicators, analysis systems, critical incident analysis, reliability of methods, performance profiling, referee performance and analysis of injury risk in sport. The journal provides a valuable source of background material for students of performance analysis and other academic researchers.